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I like the story but the mc seems to passive and a but kisser to the emperor 

Noble Reincarnation ~Blessed With the Strongest Power From Birth~

Horrible story I mean the dudes supposed to be an adult but gets bullied by kids what a loser I mean come on now what have you done with your life after reincarnating get bullied by everyone 

The Reincarnation Record of Bocchi

End her especially after she said this  "a real man laughs then forgives a women who cheats"- a Thot needing vaporized 

Ochikobore Datta Ani Ga Jitsuha Saikyou: Shijou Saikyou No Yuusha Wa Tensei-shi, Gakuen De Mujikaku Ni Musou Suru

Such a loser I mean call the police at least or find him and break his skull open it's easy

Even Though My Character is a JellyFish, I’m Still Super Strong